Иногда мне жаль, что я не могу одолжить тебе свои уши, одолжить тебе свои мысли и одолжить тебе свои слезы


notice!! i might be a little innactive bc im working on other websites, not suitible for mobile

hi!!! welcome to my website, you can call it 90z-ash. please dont hotlink and please dont copy paste my code, you can ask for tips and ill try to help anyone who asks (ó﹏ò。). I made this on an ipad mostly so if theres any issues notify me. if you want to learn more about me click the "about me" link.





ive always wanted a cat, i have a big enough house to healthily raise a cat and all. the only problemn is my parents dislike for animals. i have a hamster but it just isnt the same, and shes over 2 years old so not shell be around much longer. if i do get a cat i would love to get a scotish fold!!

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