about me

Im not sure on what to write over here , its hard to quantify my entire self into a few short paragraphs. As of late ive been useing building this website as a way to pass time because im technically a NEET right now (though i dont like that term) . Ive had many hobbies over the years such as art , guitar , making kandi and now coding.

Things im interested in are : makeup, coding html and css,all things edgy and obnoxious, true crime , the early 2000s and late 90s and most of all the internet. as for my music taste my three favourite artists right now are: KMFDM , MSI and crystal castles but i occasionally listen to dsbm.

I like to stay in my room and not interact with people that much, i somehow live the opposite life every other person i know does but it doesnt bother me all that much. Despite my enjoyment of staying confined to my room i manage to go outside almost every day.