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The columbine high School shooting which took place on april 20, 1999 in columbine, colorado was a mass shooting which ended the lives of 12 students and 1 adult.

The mass shooters who took these lives was the 17 year old man named dylan klebold and 18 year old eric harris. and they planned it for over a year

After Adam had finished ridding the students of the burden of living in this society, they then killed himself.

the guns used Tec-9, a Hi-point 995 carbine , a savage 67H pump-action shotgun , a stevens 311d double barrel sawed off shotgun, 99 explosives and 4 knives

their motivs arent fully conclusive , a quote i found on it was : "Eris Harris was a very angry Kid, dealt with severe anger issues (Possibly Abuse/Neglect from his Parents). Kids would never invite him over for Parties or other things, Kids looked down upon him as the “Weird Kid” As written in his journal: “Don't let that weird Eric kid come along! OH FUCKING GOD NO!” He was also conflicted between Love and Killing, he wanted to see people die. He thrived for it, he was a psychopath. He was Homicidal.

Dylan Klebold's motives were a lot different, he had a perfect home life (Or so of I know) But the problems were at School, he got picked on a lot for his appearance. Had conflict with himself and Love, as written in his journal: “I’m full of Love, yet nobody wants it” “I wanted happiness, but never got it.” He was fixated on loving someone. Having someone special, but never got that opportunity sadly… He only went along with the whole plan in hopes of Dying, he wanted to die so badly. He was Suicidal, and when you put Homicidal and Suicidal together- You get a deadly mix."


you may wonder why theres only one link and thats because this website contains pretty much everything about columbine making the use of other links redundant